[important]In many toy stores you can find large Styrofoam planes for purchase. Here’s a great one we found on Amazon!

These are a blast to take out on a large field to “fly”!  A field with a hill, even a slight one, is best.  The more of an incline you’re on, the longer the plane will take to reach the ground.

We took our kids out for a fun afternoon with one of these planes a while and they loved it.  Every day for weeks when I got home from work they would beg and plead with me to take them out to fly the plane.

These planes will not last forever, especially with young kids around, but they are great fun while they last.  Give it a try and tell us how it went in the comments or on your social media site of choice!


Here’s a video we made of our first time out flying the big styrofoam plane: