wpid-IMG-20140225-WA0007_2.jpgRoughhousing (outside or in) has an important role in your child’s development. Maybe inside the house it’s roughhousing while outdoors we could call it horseplay…you know, since horses live outside…

One of my favorite sites aimed at men is The Art of Manliness. A while back, Brett McKay, who owns and runs the site, wrote an article on the subject of the importance of roughhousing/horseplay and later put out this great video with his son. Check it out below!

Now if you’re a dad like I am, you want your child or children to grow to be successful, well adjusted, moral adults. Which is exactly why you need to body slam your child every now and then! -Brett McKay

If you want more information, a great book on the subject of horseplay and our book of the month for March is The Art of Roughhousing.